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Dam Contractors In UAE

UAE is a country with most of its area compromising desert and arid landmass. For water conservation, it needs major construction companies in Dubai. UAE satisfies a large part of its water demand by unconventional means like Desalinated water and reclaimed water. The conventional water resources of UAE include about 125 Mm3/yr (million cubic meters per year) from seasonal floods, and other small quantities from temporary, permanent springs and falaj systems are not sufficient to satisfy the ever-increasing demand. There is a great need for the conservation of water resources and increasing the storage capacity of water. The water from seasonal floods goes to waste if not stored properly. There exist a handsome opportunity to utilize these water resources efficiently by building reservoirs and dams at suitable locations.

Throughout the long term, and being the major construction companies in Dubai, the organization has filled in scope past development to envelop specific plans, including insides and even goods.